ECCO – System is owned by JW – TEC GmbH (JANZEN – WERLTE) and Janzen System located in the North of Germany. JW-TEC has manufactured timber and livestock trailers, semi-trailers and truck bodies  more than 20 years here and in one more location! Today ECCO is a market leader in parts of Germany as well as in the Netherlands . With the high quality and CE certification ECCO  components and trailers also have a strong market share  in Spain, England, the Czech Republic and Scandinavia. Even in Russia JW–TEC is working under the name MENKE-JANZEN with cattle transporters.

Premium commercial vehicle producers like: DOLL, FAYMONVILLE, SCHWARZMÚLLER, KÓGEL, KRONE and others know of the high quality, maintenance free and long service life of ECCO – System components and use ECCO components for their own vehicles.

Now JW-TEC is also under the name ECCO-System in the Baltic States to offer and supply the Eastern and Northern customers faster with high technology components and trailers as well.

All ECCO-System Truck bodies, trailers, trains and special trailers are custom-made, so that all your ideas can be realized easily during the construction of your vehicle.