Super train

Producer: JW-TEC + Janzen-System (producer of all ECCO components and trailers)
Origin : 100% hand made in Germany

We offer a fully equipped timber train (without raw truck chassis), consisting of:

1. Truck body with front wall for a 10×4 * 6 chassis of all premium manufacturers (ECCO
Lightbody match also all other truck manufacturer chassis)
2. hydraulic system with 2 pumps
3. 6 ECCO steel bunks LP8
4. air operated load securing chains
5. all necessary accessories such as tool box, sand spreader, chain case, LED work lights
6. KESLA cran 12 t / m class complete
8. raised cabin
9. 5 axle turntable trailer (ECCO-TRAILER)
10. twin wheeler
11. 8 ECCO steel bunks LP8
12. rear 4 bunks with hydraulic RAM shifting devices
13. air operated load securing chains
14. including all accessories and full LED light system
15. Painting according to your choice in KTL technology
(of course the train is also available with full aluminium bunks, 350 kgs less weight)

All ECCO components are CE certified.
ECCO products have 3 years warranty and 5 years against frame cracks.
Price for a complete train (without truck raw chassis): 158 000 € net. Export.
(free delivery in a German seaport).

Mounting the body and crane to the raw chassis is included.
Delivery time about 16 weeks after a confirmed order.
We welcome you gladly to a personal visit in our production, shuttle service from Hamburg +
Bremen airports will be managed by us.
(Attention: photos are only for pictorial explanation and shows how a train would look like according to this offer)